Impromptu Christmas Photo Shoot | A Day in the Life of Kate + Tony

Thursday, December 26, 2013

We were driving home on Christmas night after spending time with both of our families. I was feeling a little sad because I was regretting that I didn't pull my camera out enough and capture all of the candid moments that happen on Christmas. So, Since we were in need of our annual "Christmas Day" picture, and running out of daylight, we slowed the car to a stop and took a back road to get away from the busy highway. I set my camera on the trunk, hit the 10 second timer, and ran back and forth in the freezing wind as we captured a little glimpse into our Christmas day. The sky was perfect. My favorite kind of sunset where the colors are so soft and pastel, like God painted a watercolor for us to use for our backdrop :)

Chevy was restless, the photos are blurry, and we were freezing cold. But despite all of this, I think they turned out perfect.

I encourage everyone to do more of this in their lives.

Be spontaneous. Adventurous. Impulsive.

Pull over on the side of the road and take 5 minutes of your life to capture silly little moments that you can hold onto forever. Bring your camera everywhere and take more pictures to document your life and leave your legacy behind.

As we drove away Tony said to me… "we should do that more often". And I couldn't agree with him more.

Engagement Video + A Chain of Events

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It all started about a year ago. I was shooting a wedding for my friends and clients, Christopher + Felisha. At the wedding reception they had a hilarious photo booth run by many young creatives like myself! The guy taking all the photos, his name was Perry. We chatted throughout the reception and exchanged business cards at the end of the night. After the wedding, naturally, we friended each other on Facebook and I followed his business page closely.

Fast forward to about 2 months ago. Tony and I were in need of a videographer for our wedding, and couldn't find anyone who we really loved that would capture our day the way I saw it being captured in my mind: dreamy, authentic, and from a truly creative eye. Then one night, at about 2am, I found her. I was scrolling through my instagram feed when I stumbled upon a picture that Perry posted, with several different creative people in the photo. I casually thought to myself, "hmm- let's creep on all the people tagged so I can follow more people in Minneapolis on instagram". The first person I clicked on went by the name of @mariahmpls. In the "about" section of her instagram I saw the word "videographer" and my heart skipped a beat. Without hesitation I clicked on her website link, and 15 seconds into the first video I watched, I knew this is who I wanted to capture my wedding. The way she saw the world, and captured video- it's something that can't be taught in a classroom. It can't be learned in a lecture, or by reading books, or watching youtube tutorials. She was born with a gift. To see the world differently, and share it with all of us through her camera lens.

So fast forward again, to present day. After meeting with her over coffee and talking through all of our day dreams, we planned to make more plans, and Mariah shot this video for us on a cold day in November. She captured the essence of my relationship with Tony. I won't even describe it right here, because no words can describe it as well as the view from Mariah's eyes.

I am so blessed, so grateful, and so thankful to not only call Mariah my videographer, but my friend. A person I can daydream with, learn with, and discover with by doing multiple google searches at Dunn Brothers on a Monday afternoon. It's a blessing to be able to surround yourself with those who inspire your thoughts, and make you loose track of time over a cup of coffee. So this blog post I dedicate to you, Mariah! Thank you- For everything that you have done for me, and will do as we continue our friendship in the future!

The Jarnes Sisters

Monday, December 9, 2013

I think I'm a true California girl at heart. I'm a lover of the refreshing warmth, blooming flowers, pastel colors of spring... and the hot air, bright sun, and saturated colors of summer. But on the contrary to all of that, I am obsessed with the cool air, and warm, neutral tans and muted forest greens that a minnesota fall has to offer. After the trees have shed their vibrant leaves, and the snow has yet to fall. The clouds cover the sky, and the light is very soft. I did two photo shoots this day at this gorgeous location and everyone wore rich fall colors that left my heart swooning for days.

Meet the Jarnes sisters. Erika, Justine, and Kristin. Erika is my brother Jeremy's girlfriend, and I am so excited that she will be gracing me with her presence as a bridesmaid at my upcoming wedding! When they asked me to do pictures for them I said YES with no hesitation. Three beautiful, confident, silly women. We laughed our hearts out, and I couldn't be more happy about the way the photos look!

Thanks ladies, for turning my normal Saturday afternoon of shooting into an unforgettable day of laughter ;)

Gina + Bjorn | Christmas Card Photos

Friday, December 6, 2013

Oh, how I love this couple! Picture perfect and sweet as can be.

I first met Gina (via Facebook) about a year ago when I discovered her business, Ginger P Designs! We shared messages back and forth about how we obsessed over each others businesses and I have followed her closely ever since, and referred many of my brides and clients her way! 

When we got together on a lovely Saturday afternoon, we talked a little bit about running business and life, and it was so refreshing to hear someone have so many of the same views as I do! Do yourself a favor, and go check out her amazing work. She is an inspiring soul and has an absolute GEM of a personality to work with.

Thank you Gina, I am so honored to have captured the photos that you will be using on your Christmas card this year!

Christmas Mini Sessions | Revak Christmas Tree Farm

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

YAY! Christmas Mini Sessions at the Revak Christmas Tree Farm were a SUCCESS! Despite the fact that the weather was under 15* all day, these families totally killed it! The sun was shining, everyone was bundled up, and we had lots of smiling faces! Special thanks to all the families, couples, and four legged friends that joined me for a fun day!

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