Christmas Mini Sessions

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christmas Mini sessions are HERE! My wonderful mother and I have been putting our brains together for the last few weeks to bring you something TRULY special for the first annual Kate Harvey Photography Christmas Mini Sessions! Want to get in on this? Email your top FOUR times to and I will email you back with your time and further details. All sessions will be taking place OUTDOORS in Waseca MN at the Harvey House! So bundle up in those adorable hats and scarves, and get some beautiful images for your christmas cards! 

SITEHOUSE GO LIVE >> Phoenix 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Photo by Imaginale Design

WOW! What an amazing week. The last few days I had the incredible opportunity of attending the Sitehouse go live workshop with Promise Tangeman Creative and her amazing team! I traveled down to Phoenix Arizona on Monday for the workshop at New City Studio where we created and launched our websites in only TWO DAYS thanks to SHOWIT and their rad software. 

Not only did I create and launch my website in two days, but I got to meet and hang out with the most inspiring and creative people out there. Our group represented so many different parts of the US; California, Washington, Kansas City, Pennsylvania, even CANADA! (and thats only the beginning!) Photogs, graphic designers, and many creative minds joining together to create and publish amazing websites!

It was a lot of work to jam into two days but we were psyched that EVERYONE went live! Every time someone hit "PUBLISH" we had a partaaayyyy with lots of hootin' and hollarin'! My favorite "Promise approved" chant was "AIYE AIYE AIYE!" It was also streamed LIVE on so family and friends could watch the action back home.

photo by imaginale design
photo by imaginale design
photo by imaginale design
photo by imaginale design

We were so lucky to have AMAZING sponsors at the workshop. If you haven’t checked out 31 Bits and Story Company you absolutely need to. As you can see, I was super stoked about winning the ADORABLE Epiphanie bag giveaway. Lindsay Letters also made THIS amazing stamp for us!

I LOVE Epiphanie!

photo by imaginale design
Sportin' our 31 bits!
Provision coffee. YES.

I also got to take a shot at being in FRONT of the camera for once. These headshots for the new website were done by the beautiful and talented Imaginale Design based in Phoenix AZ.

And lastly. Meet ALL of the amazing people that I got to hang out with this week. We have formed friendships that will last a lifetime and we stay in touch through our Facebook group where we are constantly chatting back and forth about ANYTHING involving our businesses. It's great that we are all able to pick each other's brains about so much more than just SHOWIT, and really learn a lot from the experiences we have!

Special shout out to Promise Tangeman, Kelly & CJ, Liz, Alejandra, Alex, and Jill for making this all happen! 

photo by imaginale design
photo by imaginale design

And here are a few more images from my own camera:

The AMAZING Alejandra: The magic maker BEHIND the lens!

AWE: LIZ! Thanks for all your help, woman!

THE most rad "staff" out there.

I am so blessed to have made a new best friend! Meet my brain twin: AKA "BEETS"!

check her out:

The perfect venue for the workshop: New City Studio.

And Lastly! The EPIC photo of the week. Can't get enough of it? I know, I know. Here it is again in Black and white.

 OH! I almost forgot- Here's the website that I created and launched in TWO DAYS!

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my journey this week! I feel SO blessed that God put me on this path and I can't wait to see what he has in store for the future!

Be sure to head on over to Facebook and "Like" Kate Harvey Photography to see the latest sneak peaks!

>>>With love, Kate<<<

Beautiful People

Friday, October 5, 2012

>>> Luke, Stacy, and Kurt! <<<


Here are the last few frames from the senior shoot I had with Alyssa.

Ohhh, how I will miss this golden summer sunshine! 
>>> kate <<<


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Slowly wrapping up my fall senior sessions already!
Here are some shots from Abby's session a couple weeks ago:


 I had the wonderful opportunity of capturing this amazing couple on their wedding day!
I feel so blessed that I was able to share this day with them.

// Mr. & Mrs. Penny | 9.15.12 \\


 We had such a beautiful night for these engagement pictures
with Michelle & Chris! Can't wait to capture their wedding in 2013!


LOVED capturing this family over Labor Day!
So many smiles, giggles, and lots of energy.


Yet ANOTHER absolutely stunning 2013 Senior!
// Gen | WHS | 2013 \\

 That's all for now! Stay tuned- Because in a couple of weeks I will have the new website up!


// Kate \\
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