Paige + Reid | Minneapolis Engagement Photography

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy (late) Valentines day! We will celebrate it again right now, since I did this adorable engagement shoot for Paige and Reid on Valentines day- the perfect day to capture how happy these two are together!

The rose petals that we incorporated into the shoot were the same rose petals that Reid scattered across the floor amongst lit candles that spelt out the words "Marry me?" when he proposed to Paige. Talk about romantic! Hearing proposal stories is by far my favorite part of engagement sessions!

I'm excited to capture the love these two share when they tie the knot in December. It will be here before we know it!

I love it when we try to do serious faces and it's so hard for the couple to keep it together. The laughs they share afterwards are always perfect.

PS:  I hope you two enjoyed your Cheesecake Factory date that I HIGHLY recommended. (yum.)

Ashleigh | In-home maternity session

Friday, February 7, 2014

When Ashleigh told me that she wanted to include her kiddos in her maternity session, I was overjoyed! I love the interaction between them all- snuggling on mom and dad's bed, giggling, showing me their bellies, and giving the baby belly kisses.

It all feels so natural. A day in the life. A story. Anticipation. Love. Happiness. 

This is why I love what I do- capturing other peoples stories makes me so happy!

Personal | Becker Rebrand

Thursday, February 6, 2014

As most of you know, in less than 4 short months, I will be standing in front of a small intimate crowd, with a distressed dresser as an alter, a floral archway above my head, in a pretty little white dress as I say "I do" to the man of my dreams. It's a moment we all dream about- and I am one of the lucky ones that gets to confess that the reality of it is way better than anything I could have ever dreamt up!

Before my fiance, Tony, and I say our vows and officially tie the knot, I have been getting asked a lot of questions that I am ecstatic to answer:

Are you going to keep your last name?
Will you still be Kate HARVEY Photography?!
But everyone KNOWS you as Kate Harvey Photography….
Do you have to change your website!?
Aren't you afraid that people won't be able to find you?..

I am excited to announce that I look at this marriage as an opportunity to grow and build my business on a new foundation. A new chapter in a well written book by God's grace. On May 24th, the day of our wedding- the second I say "I do" and that marriage license is signed…. I will officially be Kate Becker Photography!

On a chilly November day, Bethany Platter and I met for the first time at Rustica Bakery in South Minneapolis. We sipped on coffee, dreamt out loud, "talked through all the crappy ideas" (as bethany told me), broke down walls, brainstormed, and shared the best ideas in order to make this rebrand happen. Bethany said that our hearts were beating as one during our coffee date and I know we were totally on the same wave-length!

She understood me. I could say the craziest thing that was on my mind because I knew she would be able to take it and run with it. I love-- correction-- I am OBSESSED with collaborating with fellow creatives. In the two short weeks prior to meeting with Bethany, I had met with two of her friends as well- Perry and Mariah, who are both inspiring and creative individuals who have their hearts set in changing this world. Each time we wrapped up a meeting, I left with the biggest grin on my face, and my heart was full of joy and creative inspiration. And shortly, as time passed, our "business meetings" became "coffee dates". And we were no longer clients of each other, we were friends. THAT's the way businesses should work, folks! And this is why I LOVE the creative field that I work in- surrounded by people who inspire, and want to be inspired by others.

I believe that God places people in your life for a reason- And each of these individuals will never know how much they impacted me in the fall of 2013.

Bethany has been an absolutely JOY to work with in the rebranding process of my business. Please be sure to check out the rest of her work here … AND make sure to keep your eyes peeled over on Kate Harvey Photography and Duende's Facebook for fun updates on the rebrand and when the new site/logo/brand will be released!

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