Jill + Kyle | March 29, 2013

Friday, April 18, 2014

This wedding was amazing. I feel so blessed to have couples that trust me every step of the way in capturing their wedding, and the anticipation leading up to it. I took their engagement photos last summer, and I thought it was so special how Jill wanted to return to the spot where we did those to reenact some of their engagement photos on their wedding day.

The first photos we took after their first look were also so special. They wanted to take photos sitting in the pew that they usually sit in for church on Sunday mornings. I got to silently observe how they interacted with each other while they were alone in those moments. They whispered to each other as Kyle softly stroked Jill's arm with his fingers… and how Jill so comfortably rested in his embrace and looked him in the eyes as they smiled and laughed with excitement as the day unfolded...

During dinner I got to sit with Christopher, Felisha, Bethany & Alex…. past and future clients of mine. We talked wedding plans and reminiced about the past, and in those moments I looked around and felt so overwhelmed with joy! I was surrounded by such amazing people and clients who have trusted me to tell their story. To let the world view their story through the product of my lens. I feel so blessed, so honored, and so humbled that I have these amazing clients that make my job the best in the world. Cheers to the newlyweds, Kyle and Jill! Happy friday!

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